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There’s a financial-literacy crisis in the U.S., according to the WSJ. And, we have a program for that!

Can you imagine taking a test, and 99% of the class fails the test. Who is at fault: the teacher, and/or the students?

when I ask my friends this questions, some of them answer the teacher, others tell me the students are at fault, and some others agree both of them.

12998_0ab07Whatever their answer, I tell them this is exactly what happened with the test of personal finance in our life.

Only 1% has been successful in this test of personal finance. Only 1% has conquered the passing grade to have time and money and to be financially free.

I just read this story from the Washington Street Journal. It confirms that ” here’s a financial-literacy crisis in the U.S. And it is probably even worse than it seems.”

I invite you to read this story yourself. Click here…

Now that the problem is defined, we also have a solution which a Total Financial Literacy Program married to an Entrepreneurship Program.

I invite you to watch this quick video and I will appreciate to have your feedback and continue this conversation. Click here…

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