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In search of Harriet’s Uncle Tom Cabin, I found Hawkins Swing, and had a good morning reading!

I drank too much coffee today. I can’t sleep. It’s 2:52 am, and I’m still up. 

I just got back from a pleasant alumni party of Marijo’s high school. It was very fun and entertaining. I had a good time, eating good food, dancing melodious music, and watching friends retrouvailles with good laughter, and jokes telling.

It was fun. But, now I am not ready to go to sleep.

I usually take advantage of not being sleepy to move ahead with my reading.

I always read several books at once. I let my inner voice tell me what I should go ahead and read at the moment. 

On my lamp stand, I have my bible, the liturgy of the hours, the guide of the liturgy of the hours, the book of joy (A conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu on lasting happiness in a changing world), Built to last of James C. Collins on successful habits of visionary companies, the teams of rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin’s opus on the Political genius of Abraham Lincoln). And some other ones around the house wherever I can sit, read, think, reflect, and ponder.

I just completed the very thick book on Lincoln (Almost a 1000 pages.) A great read on a great man from a brilliant author whose narrative abilities are splendid and enthralling.

I wanted to start reading Harriet Stowe Beecher’s Uncle Tom Cabin to better digest my Lincoln. This would be a great added value of literature to a very passionate moment of history.

But, I woke up and could not find the book. I know I put it on the table in the salon at the entrance of the house – one of my reading spot- but I could not find it.

Usually, I lost track of my books on Saturdays, this day- Marijo- my wife for the last 26 years- does this thing she calls “clean,” and which grants her permission to put disorder in my reading life by putting order in her house, our home. 

I like it. I always can start afresh with a new pile of books, magazines, and other things that carry the written words. 

I learn to compose with what disturbs me personally for the betterment of our community, our family.

What should I do? She’s sleeping. Should I wake her and ask her where did she put my Harriet?

I decided to pick up Swing, an outstanding book from Dan Hawkins, a shy mechanic turned to be an outstanding business builder. 

I am rereading the notes I took from my last readings dating April and will continue to the end.

It’s 3:29 am. Enough writing. Time to read.







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