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Getting through hard times together

I attended a funeral yesterday in Fort-Lauderdale. It was a very simple ceremony with very simple people who were mourning their loved mother, sister, and friend in a very simple way.

It was joyful, besides the sorrow, the grief, and the sadness of the moment.

I just met Jenny through business connections two months ago. I visited her mother, the deceased, at the hospital last week. And yesterday, I had an opportunity to be with her whole family sharing their tears and – at moments- laughs.

Since the passing of my father last year, I have been reflecting more and more on the inevitability of illness and mortality as sources of suffering in our lives. I have been paying attention on how those in such dire situations react and respond.

In this perspective, I have learned a lot from Jenny. She is a petite, young woman. But the size of her resilience, commitment, empathy, and compassion is immeasurable.

Despite these adversities, Jenny remain firm and maintain her composure.

I have also learned the art of friendship . It is marveled by those around you who help make your burden lighter. I had discovered Neidji, and Taneisha, Jenny’s friends, who have been there for her, and her family, caring, cooking, hugging, smiling….

Hard times knit us more closely together. This funeral is perhaps the most obvious example of this weaving of our relationships and community together.

The tears, the pain, the sadness, and the grief are signs that we need each other more than we think.

We are all vulnerable. We need help. We need comfort and kindness. We just need others more than we think.

I am sad to share my sincere condoleances to you Jenny, your family and friends at this moment understanding that after the pain, the joy and the fulfillment of life will be back.

Be well.








4 responses to “Getting through hard times together”

  1. Marie Evangeline Roussel Avatar
    Marie Evangeline Roussel

    A genuine Act of Kindness…. Thank you for sharing Roosevelt!

    Have a great Father’s day weekend my friend and God Bless!



    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. Steven Avatar

    This story is very inspiring Roosvelt for sharing.

  3. Roosevelt Avatar

    Thank you for your comments.

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