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A spiritual renewal experience with some friends at our Lady of Florida

20161030_104648Whenever we take time from our busy, hectic schedule to go away and let the Spirit of God lead us and guide us, we are following what Jesus Himself did. Often, we read in the Gospel, Jesus went to a quiet and deserted place to enter into prayer, seeking guidance from the Father to fulfill His mission.

This is what I did. I made Our Lady of Florida my home last week-end. It was shorter than I expected. But, I had a great moment of solitude and prayer at this holy place.

I took this time to slow down, to be quiet, to be silence, and let God speak to my heart.

I had conversations with friends in our quest to better ourselves and to live a better life with less regrets.

It’s important for me to listen and be attentive to where the Spirit may lead me and to what He may reveal to me in these days.

The retreat director invited us to reflect on this following conceptual framework:

Believe what you read (in the Bible)

Teach what you read

Practice what you teach.

Here is the content of his reflection inviting us to use our own real life stories, our wounds,  our situations to share with others.

I invite you to do the something, to share your experience with others in whatever way you can, and live the life you’ve always wanted.

God bless,










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