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A good moment of retreat at our Lady Florida Spiritual Center this week-end

I am blessed this week-end to have a good moment of a spiritual retreat at Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center in North Palm Beach, Florida. This comes at a good timing when I need some time to reflect and ponder about this thing called life and beyond.

God’s timing is always right.

I felt serene and at peace with myself and others for the mourning moment of my dad’s passing away. I did not weep, or drop my emotional countenance, only after the funerals when meeting with my brothers and sisters, all together, in an hotel room.

It’s always tough to address emotional wounds among family, but at the end, this is the greatest fun.

I drove with some friends yesterday from Fort-Lauderdale to Palm Beach. One of them told the story of his family. He mentioned one of his brothers he has not spoken with for years and would like to be in peace with.

His brother’s son was in a car accident, and this pushed him to call. And they have been speaking since.

I said to myself “in my family, at least we talk.”

Our retreat director told us last night to “give ourselves this week-end to listen to what the Lord has to tell us.”

“Lord, what else do You want to tell me to transform my life?”

“What’s the special gift I would like to receive from the holy moment I will be passing here?”

Those are the questions our retreat director invites us to ask ourselves, and to reflect upon.

We are called to serve, we are all servants to one another.

This is a moment for me to just listen to my internal compass, to read, and to prepare myself to live the life I am called to live.

How should I live between now and then?

I invite you to ponder as well on these questions, to slow down, and to think.

Please, pray for me.

Thank you.

Have a blessed Saturday.








2 responses to “A good moment of retreat at our Lady Florida Spiritual Center this week-end”

  1. Marie Evangeline Roussel Avatar
    Marie Evangeline Roussel

    The Holy Rosary is the answer my friend.

    God is able!


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    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      Thank you. You say it Evangeline. Much appreciation.

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