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Almost 1000 Haitians attended the First Creole Life Leadership Convention in Florida: An Outstanding Big Success!

Hundreds of Haitians, mostly from Haiti, and its diaspora flocked to Broward Convention Center, in Fort-Lauderdale, Florida, to participate in the first ever creole Life Leadership Convention, last week-end (August 26-28, 2016)

Here are some highlights of this moment:

This big event kicked off with a bible study, and a talk on emotional intelligence to build character, attitude, self- esteem.

Contents and audios of this first ever creole Life Leadership Convention and thousands of hours of leadership audios (English, Spanish) are available for souscription  on Life Leadership app.

Life Leadership is a premier leadership company  which main target is to help people live the life they’ve always wanted by building compensated communities through which flow products and services based on transformational information, education.







4 responses to “Almost 1000 Haitians attended the First Creole Life Leadership Convention in Florida: An Outstanding Big Success!”

  1. Yanick Laurent Avatar
    Yanick Laurent

    Ca bouge compliments

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Brunine David Avatar
    Brunine David

    It was a great event were people Learned, associated and now are ready to share and built communities where Love and Richness can flourish abundantly. I am so pleased to be part of this venture!

  3. Nekita Lamour Avatar

    Good Job. We need this kind of leadership gathering everywhere. Most importantly follow up, small groups in one’s region to apply what is learned.

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