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You will doubt yourself. But keep going anyway, Success is not that far away.

Some days you wake up, and you doubt yourself. You see clouds.  You are tempted to quit. You’re human. It’s natural. Normal. But, pursuing excellence is not normal. Achieving success is not natural.

The ones who have the gold at the Olympic Games prove us that success is not normal. 

I was having a conversation with a friend last night who told me a story of a singer who had throat cancer. She was tempting to quit singing. She doubted herself  with the pain, the arduous treatment she went through. But she kept on asking herself: “quitting to what!”

New York Times bestselling author Chris Brady, in his book PAiLS, told us a story of “a young boy who was bullied out of his lunch money each day. To defend himself, he enrolled in a karate class. At the end of the first week of lessons, the instructor charged him fifteen dollars for his services. The boy promptly quit karate and decided it was easier to just keep paying the bully than to pay to learn how to fight him.”

This is human to look for the easy way out. But, success has a price. What do you want? What does it cost? Will you pay it?

These are critical questions to help you live a life of purpose.

We are living in an age of purposelessness. This is also human to settle for less and develop careless habits that lead to mediocrity.

But, if we want to achieve excellence, we need to come to respect ourselves and fight through the doubts.

You will doubt yourself and just everything else. But keep going anyway and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Develop the stamina and the right mental attitude by reading good biographies and autobiographies, associating with like minded winners through conversations and audio learning.

Keep doing what you desire. Learn, grow, and better yourself with soft skills long enough, you will be a champion. 

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One response to “You will doubt yourself. But keep going anyway, Success is not that far away.”

  1. Greg Abellard Avatar
    Greg Abellard

    Excellent post! Loved it.

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