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A Time Magazine Story on how and why you should stay married.

Time Magazine, with the bi-line of Belinda Luscante, said it’s good to be hitched.

A very interesting story which presents new researched base fact finding on marriage, divorce, and the business of intimate relationships.

Here are my notes from this very interesting piece.

New evidences keep piling up that few things are good for life as staying married.

Couples who have made it all the way later into life have found it to be a peak experience, says Karl Pillemer, a Cornell university gerontologist.

But elderly people said “marriage is hard, really, really hard.”

It is a “commitment device” that locks individuals to one another.

For those who can stay the course, a long marriage is worth the slog to continue.

Studies suggest that married people have better health, wealth,, and even better sex lives than singles, and will probably die happier.

Happily married people are less likely to have strokes, heart diseases or depression, and they respond better to stress and heal more quickly.

Clinically depressed people and addicts find it difficult to get and stay married. Fewer married people are depressed or addicted.

Married people are more likely to behave responsibly with their health because their life are more routine and other people need them.

Married women’s finances are generally more robust than divorced women. 

Women in committed relationships were feeling more sexually satisfied after 15 years than they were in the first phase and half of the relationship.

People in their first marriage have more sex than people in their second.

Kids from “intact marriages” as a whole , do better on most fronts than kids from divorced families , unless the marriage is very high -conflict.

How to stay married. 

Make your partner feels loved (words, time, kindly acts, sex, or gifts). 

Learn to apologize properly- and to forgive.

Embrace one another’s interest. Find things we like to do together. Have the mindset they want to stay married. 

Marriage is a discipline.

Have Sex at least once a week for optimum marital happiness. Just do it. 

The most important advice is to choose well. Just pick out a good one and get lucky.








2 responses to “A Time Magazine Story on how and why you should stay married.”

  1. pierrelamyel Avatar

    Thanks for sharing I am going to forward this article to all my married friends.

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    1. Roosevelt Avatar

      Thank you. Please, share it with your unmarried friends as well.

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