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Leadership education, learning and the intellect: some thoughts from Arnold Toynbee & Daisaku Ikedda


Thanks to my friend Frantz Rimpel who gave me this book as a gift three years ago, I woke up this morning re-reading “Choose Life, A dialogue” between historian Arnold Toynbee and Buddhist lay organization leader Daisaku Ikeda. This book, published in 1972, is a record of Toynbee & Ikeda’s views on critical issues confronting humanity.

toyn1The book is divided into 3 main Topics: 1.- Personal and Social Life (the basic human being, the environment, the intellect, health and welfare), 2.- Political and International Life (political system, one world, arms and war), 3.- Philosophical  and Religious Life (The nature of things, religion, good and evil).

I read this book a couple of years ago. And this morning I rediscover the depth of its content. It’s always a pleasure to revisit and reread my books. I can go over my underlining and notes in the margin to agree once again with the author, and…

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