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Reading Ken Dun’s book “The Greatest Prospector in The World, A Historically Accurate Parable on Creating Success in Sales, Business, & Sales.

It’s our community’s book for the month of October.  I read it in one trait. A great read for a great book.

This book is a “recipe for mastering the sales process,” said Orrin Woodward, Inc. Magazine top 20 Leader who forworded the book.

bookYou can go ahead and read this book yourself and add your hunger to implement  the six business secrets revealed in those 169 pages, and you’ll discover a useful and enjoyable piece of literature with useful tips to be successful in business.

I am sharing with you my underlines and the feelings I had reading that book in the last 24 hours.

It’s about a family story prospecting for gold. The content is organized in such a way that the storyline grabs you  to your throat and you can’t depart from it until you read what’s next.  A good thriller.
Kevin Dun who I had the pleasure to listen to a couple of times to teach people about being a book bestsellers wraps his message around the human being.

First, “Be yourself,” he said.

No matter what happens, be yourself. This is a lesson one of the main character learned from a stranger in a moment of grief and loss.
The prospector is after gold, day after day, rain or shine, and is never tiring of the search for gold. This could be exciting, but also might bring on many difficulties, hardships, and losses.
This is a parable also about life. It brings dreams, joys, struggles, and victories.
We have to know what we’re looking for and understand why it’s always important to build strong relationships, even if we don ‘t know how they will benefit us in the future. We have to cultivate lasting relationships, which span the globe.
Your network is your net worth. Prospecting is a way of life. “It’s the secret to success, and it will bring you fulfillment,” said the author through one of his character teaching about the relationship between a mentor and a protégé.
“You’ve got to want it. The protégé seeks the mentor not the other way around. You have to be hungry, humble, and willing to learn,” he said.
The mentor teaches but the protégé has to ask him. The mentor decides how much he tells, when he tells, and how he teaches. The protégé’s progress will influence his decisions by applying himself, and following instructions. The protégé should agree to those terms., be patient , but not passive.Kenn-Dunn-Co-founder
On our journey to prospect for gold, and be successful in life, and in business, we will face obstacles, distractions, detours, and disappointments. We must shake off every hindrance and stay focused on the prize. This is the only path to the six secrets which are not just about how to get more, but also how to give more.
The six secrets are summarized as followed:
1.- Dress for the weather. Dress for success. Be your best. Choose your attire with  care. Give people good eye contact. Do not dominate conversation, but don’t be afraid to participate. Ask questions.
2.know what you’re looking for. Put together a plan. Make a prospect list. Qualify those who you believe need your product or service. This is your target market. Stay focused on your target market which is a group of customers who are more likely to purchase your product or services. Don’t waste time, energy, and money prospecting every one you meet.
3.- Use the right tools. Be disciplined and strategic in your approach. Dream. Discover your purpose. Pursue your dreams to all your might. Fight against obstacles, distractions, disappointments, and detours. Never give up.
4.- Get back into the river, even if you don ‘t want to. Prioritize your time, efforts, work habits, and actions based on your goals. Avoid distractions. Set priorities, boundaries, and guidelines. Visualize your future. Write down goals. Set dates, make decisions.
5.- Learn to laugh. Make it fun. Take time for leisure. Share funny stories.
6.-Work hard for six days, and rest for one. Leave a legacy. Life is short. Appreciate what you have. Cherish the days. Build precious memories. Cherish your family. Live a full life, with no regrets.

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