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Leadership & reminiscences: the value of our time and the connection of our youth with your later years.

What is time? Is our childhood present in our life now? What connect our youth with our later years? These are some questions bestselling author Marietta McCarty, professor of philosophy, invites us to reflect on in her book “How Philosophy can save your life, 10 ideas that matter most.”

I started this week by posting on Facebook some of the games I used to play when I was a kid. Simple games and fun times such as flying a kite, shooting marbles, jumping rope etc,,,

What I liked the most is the way I connect with a lot of long time and new friends who engage in these reminiscences which hold our lives together.

One of my personal favorite pastimes was shooting marbles. In our neighborhood, the boys knew every ground available to draw the outline in the dirt.

We drew a circle about 1-2 feet in diameter where each player put their bet, 5-10 marbles. Then we draw a line and a “lag” up to that line. The one who could get closest to that line shot first. Then the next player has a chance to shoot. Any marble you knocked out is yours to keep..
It was fun.

I enjoyed also flying kites I made myself which plastic, thin paper.

Childhood memories bring more perspective and flexibility to our life. They help us to flow more easily with life’s movement. They are great topics for conversations with friends and siblings.

Relax and enjoy  good conversations with your friends, family members about your childhood memories. take turn sharing stories. Your stories make you you.







2 responses to “Leadership & reminiscences: the value of our time and the connection of our youth with your later years.”

  1. Olga Avatar

    Great topic, Roosevelt!..
    What makes you you… I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.

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