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I enjoy having conversations. This is what I do for a living. My conversations start with God asking for his blessing, grace for the day. Then with my wife and my 16 years old that I wake up to get ready for school. I have two other older ones, they take care themselves.

I usually read Our Daily Bread devotionals, some passages from the bible, and a book. I enjoy reading early in the morning. A cup of hot coffee with cream and sugar is a big plus.

Then, I drive Axel to school. I have a good time doing this. I reward myself by  going to Fort-Lauderdale by the beach  to watch the sea, walk on the beach, and sometimes get in the water. I invest an hour for this trip. I like it.

This morning was windy and the waves were high. It rained. My visit was short. Very short.

Back home, I prepared myself to go to the garage. There, I met a young lady waiting for her car. She had an empty seat on her left hand side, and I asked her if the seat was reserved. She said no. And I sat.

I opened my book and started reading. She had her legs crossed and her attention mirrored at a flat screen TV mounted on the wall.

My ice breaker speech was to complimen her for her shoes.

“Nice shoes, beautiful colors. Where did you get them”, I said. She replied with a “Thank you” and a  smile. “There are running shoes, I like them”, she said.

We spoke about running, shoes, the Florida climate, the importance of names, kids etc…her newness to South Florida looking for a fresh start after a break up.

Then, I spoke with my car specialist. She framed some pictures of her wedding by her computer. I congratulated her for her “nice pics”. And she smiled and told me about her husband, relationship issues, statistics confirming second marriages work better than first ones etc..then my car.

At the post office as well as at a gas station, it was fun to have a conversation with some future friends by just complimenting them on something and keep the conversation going on about them.

I learn to pay a compliment, ask question, listen, and smile. It’s fun. And I feel good.

God bless,








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