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John Stahl-Wert: International Bestselling Author is praising leadership gurus Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady

orrin-CrhisJohn Stahl-Wert, bestselling co-author of the international bestseller The Serving Leader shared his thoughts on the leadership of Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. The best leadership minds in the world are coming aboard the mission of these two men who refuse to sell out their purpose for profits. Their leadership organizations surpassed $50 million in sales in 2012 and promise even greater things for 2013. The LIFE Business is making an impact! Here is John’s review:

Since first hearing about Team over four years ago, and immediately discovering the passionately transformational leadership work of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, I’ve been a champion and a fan. I devour the books these men write. I laugh till I’m sore when I listen to Chris Brady’s monthly CD’s (I know no man as natively funny and deadly serious—simultaneously—as Chris!). And when I read and listen to the words of Orrin, I reach deeper to be a better man and a better leader.

For me, it’s a simple deal: When I find men and women of the caliber and courage of Orrin and Laurie, Chris and Terri, and the whole company of LIFE, I want to be associated. One of the decisions we get to make is the decision of which community we’re going to join? Contrary to myth, we aren’t self-made. We are God-made, first and foremost, and we are also profoundly shaped by our community of friends and colleagues. Who are we going to let into our lives? Who will we listen to, follow, take into our heart, seek to emulate? The people we join shape the person we become!

And, so, Milonica—my wife of 32 years, and dearest friend—and I joined Team, and then Life. We did so, because the battle lines that Orrin and Chris have drawn are the battle lines that thousands and millions must draw. We need a leadership revolution. The revolution we need starts on the inside of our lives. We must become better men and women, better husbands and wives and fathers and mothers. We must step up our citizenship, our compassion, our virtue, and our commitment to the foundational and eternal truths of life.

If we want a better world, we must become better leaders—that is the hard and simple truth. Sitting on the sidelines and blaming others for the world’s problems is not only not leadership, but precisely the kind of human behavior that produces a bad world.

We’re at a critical moment in history. The choices we make right now will either drive us much deeper into hardship and divisiveness, or lift us up to a place of limitless prosperity and restored fellowship with our fellow man. I believe, as my friends Orrin and Chris believe, that an abundant and generous future is not only attainable, but close within our reach. God designed the world to work in certain ways, and when we cooperate with His design—when we align ourselves with Him and with communities of LIFE—everything works together in support of our pursuits.

Orrin Woodward often says, when talking about the threats facing our nation and world: “Not on my watch!” When he shows the courage to declare this, my courage grows. Not on my watch! This is why we need each other, friends. This is why I’m part of LIFE! Like you, I am deadly serious about the company I keep, and overjoyed to be part of your team.

John Stahl-Wert







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