LeaderShift: Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille

Apostle Paul told the Romans to ¨glory in tribulations knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance character; and character hope¨. Here’s is a blog post from leadership guru Orrin Woodward who has learned and taught to glory in tribulations, to persevere in adversity, and to spread hope and character based leadership  throughout the world.

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LeaderShift: Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille

Back in 2007, during a legal dispute over the freedoms of independent contractors, I began studying why freedom is so precious and yet so rare. My years of research led me to discoveries that, had I still been an engineer, I would have patented.:) Specifically, I developed the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) which is a systematic way of explaining the decline of countries, corporations, and communities. Thankfully, I learned to turn life’s lemons into lemonade and now reflect back and see God’s blessing through the challenges as I witnessed a company activate the Five Laws of Decline. In fact, I never would have studied this subject without the prodding of events in my life, nor would I have formed the LIFE Business to do something about it. Today, it appears, the dispute over freedom has spread across America as the FLD infect people’s thinking. In one direction is liberty and productivity and in the other is tyranny and plunder. Our choices today will determine our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

As the concepts developed, I imagined discussing the Five Laws of Decline with the Founding Fathers and determining how they would have designed the Constitution had they understood the inherent dangers within the laws. Accordingly, I wrote out a proposed government to check the FLD and separate government into clearly delineated local, state, and federal issues. In my opinion, the number one failure of the founder was not to place a specific limit on taxation and deficits. If government is not limited in their ability to tax then it simply isn’t a limited government. Likewise, if politicians are not held responsible for a budget, then they are not responsible at all. Moreover, relying on “the people” to maintain intricate knowledge of all the issues simply isn’t feasible and is statements like this are pollyanna at best and hypocrisy at worst.

The local government would be responsible for all local issues and receive a set percentage of local taxpayers income, the state would receive a percent of the the state taxpayer incomes, and the federal would receive a percent from every citizen in the country. With no deductions or special deals, just a straight flat tax to fund government and the rest is kept by the hardworking Americans who earned it. Imagine localities having town meetings where local leaders meet and discuss local issues. This principle is called “expect and inspect.” Leaders must expect the best from their people, but unless they inspect the results, they will be let down. This, in a nutshell, is one of the biggest issues in our government today. We have expected too much from our politicians, but centralized everything to Washington and few citizens have the time or understanding to inspect properly.

However, local issues and local town meetings would change this greatly. It’s time to get local leaders active in local issues again. The town meetings were the American way during our formative period. In reality, no person alive is capable of running a country and a budget the size of America. The Federal government ought to be responsible for the defense of our country from internal and external foes and adjudication of disputes between states, corporations, etc. The States can ensure Federal government doesn’t extend beyond its responsibilities and address state issues with localities while the localities handle all the remaining issues at the local level. With each level checking the level above it, which ensures the expecting and inspecting process is in working order, we can hold politicians responsible for the results. Indeed, since this is what each household must do (stay within a budget, pay it bills, and fulfill its duties), why can’t our politicians handle these leadership task? In other words, does anyone else find it peculiar that we have a lower bar for our political leaders than we do our family leaders when, in truth, we ought to hold the political leaders to a higher standard?

With these concepts in hand, I sat down with Oliver DeMille, my good friend and one of the best students of the American Founders in America today. Oliver, in short, is a polymathic genius and we spent a full day in discussion on this proposal and how to communicate it to the world. After comprehending the FLD and the proposal, Oliver improved upon it and started writing a fable that captured the key principles in an entertaining way. I was blown away by the storyline and drama contained in this short (under 150 pages) book and after several revisions we knew LeaderShift was something special. Excitedly, I sent it on to Rick Wolff, the General Editor for Business Plus, and he loved it as well. Rick, one of the best editors in the industry, has turbo-charged this book through the publishing process. In fact, from meeting with Oliver to the release date is less than one year – a practically unheard of feat in publishing profession! Moreover, Business Plus is one of the most respected names (with over 50 bestsellers) in the field, publishing books by Hank Paulson, Jack Welch, Coach K, and many more. Oliver and I are honored to be included in this elite group.

Shortly before his death, historian Thomas Macaulay wrote to a friend in America, “Your republic will be fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth, with this difference: that the Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions.” This can and must be halted in 2013 through a LeaderShift! Arnold Toynbee, the great historian, studied every historical civilization. He believed that in the final hours before every civilization’s collapse, that leaders would emerge with proposals, that, if heeded, could halt the decline and bring much needed revitalization. It is my humble opinion that LeaderShift is such a proposal and can turnaround our country if enough people are willing to lead at the local level! America’s turnaround can be a beacon of hope and light for the remnants of liberty remaining within Western Civilization.

On April 16th, LeaderShift will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and bookstores across North America. I have never been more excited for the start of a new year than I am for 2013. I believe a turning point in the history of freedom is upon us and I plan on playing my part. Will you do the same? Oliver and I will be traveling around North America on a book signing tour on the release of the book so stay tuned for dates and locations near you. Here is an interview discussing the book and acclamations from early reviewers.


Orrin Woodward


Acclaim for LeaderShift
“Woodward and DeMille have outdone themselves. This book might just be the lever that the smartest people in America use to shift America back on course. Spread the word—the revolution is coming.” — Daniel R. Castro, award-winning author of  Critical Choices that Change Lives

“Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille offer a third way out. The old ‘left-right’ arguments died with the Cold War. The spending that brought the Soviet Union to its knees is now about to sink the West. This book is a brilliant wake-up call.” — Doug Wead, former adviser to two American presidents, New York Times bestselling author

“This book rises high above partisanship with real suggestions that are deep, thought-provoking, and incredibly original. The Five Laws of Decline introduced in this book will make a significant contribution to the national discourse.” — Chris Brady, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Launching a Leadership Revolution

“This is probably one of the most important and powerful books written for the times we are in—as well as coming times. Orrin and Oliver have woven a story so compelling and so rich that it forces you to turn the next page. The underlying message with the Five Laws is so brilliantly crafted that (and I do not use this word often) this book is genius.” — Doug Firebaugh, co-founder of Home Business Radio Network

“Whether a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian, if you are saddened by our country’s declining abundance, real hope has arrived. It happens to be in the form of a story that just might be, to our time, what Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was to his.” — Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

“Woodward and DeMille combine their knowledge of history, philosophy, science, systems thinking, economics, and government to explain the challenges facing America from the Five Laws of Decline. This non-political book explains how to fix the government gridlock and end the political ‘smoke and mirrors’ so prominent in our society today.” — Tim Marks, bestselling author of Voyage of a Viking

“How many of us feel an inborn desire and even a sense of calling to lead in the cause to spread freedom and prosperity and yet cannot shake a sense of overwhelm, that perhaps it is too late, or the problem is too big, the solution too impossible.  LeaderShift reveals that it can be done, that it should be done. And it is clear that Orrin and Oliver  are among those who believe it shall be done.” — Jim Hillyer, MP, Canadian House of Commons

Leadership & Freedom: Reading Oliver Demille’s “1913”: a leadership education book on freedom

I read over this week-end Oliver Demille’s recent book: “1913”. It’s a book on leadership education to restore and preserve freedom. In 1913, three critical events made the greatest world shift turning point away from freedom in the US and abroad. 100 years after, modern times are still under that shift.


The first major turning-point event of 1913 was the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. As a result, the United States became less of a federal system and more a national model moving from indirect taxation of the states to direct taxation of the people to fund the national budget. “The power of taxation and how it is collected has a direct and lasting impact on freedom,” Demille stated.

The second shift is the Seventeenth Amendment of the US Constitution. Senators got to office by popular vote within the states rather than by state legislatures. The states lost their control over the Senate , and as a result, the federal government slowly but surely took over many states power.

The third turning point was the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. President Woodrow Wilson who is the architect of these turning points moved away from Jefferson and Madison limited government philosophy to adopt a Hamilton mercantile approach.The Federal Reserve Bank gave power to Washington to print all kind of money which increase inflation and the national debt.

“Together,  these three 1913 events caused an increased desire to Washington to spend, eliminated roadblocks to massive spending, and created easier mechanisms for taxing, borrowing, and printing money,” Demille mentioned in his book.

He added another world-shifting event  which is the United States v. Butler case dated 1936.   This case was about agricultural policy. Before this case, the federal government was limited to spending money only on the things explicitly outlined in the Constitution and other things necessary for the “general welfare” of the nation. After the case, the government could spend money on anything it thought would be “good” for the nation.

Demille also outlined three solutions to start the decline. The first lesson is that the whole citizenry must understand freedom. “Unless the people know the laws, freedom will suddenly decrease,” he said.

“Without a wise populace that understand how freedom works and takes an active part on maintaining it, no free society has ever lasted… Liberty cannot be preserved without the general knowledge among the people.” 

Demille called for a small group of committed citizens to engage themselves in the freedom operation.”Turning points are led by a few committed people rather by the mass of society. The masses are nearly always focused on other things while the key events take that the change history,” he said.

Solution Number 1 Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship always fights back and optimistically seeks to overcome all challenges. We desperately need an innovation generation-an entrepreneurial revolution that brings a return to a true spirit of free enterprise. Leaders of freedom for ahead should become successful entrepreneurs.

Our nations need a return to a focus of free enterprise. Free citizens are innovative, independent and giving. If the people are forced to innovate creativity shuts down. Forced independence is dependence. And forced giving without the value of real charity is a force of enslavement.

“Without an independent and giving citizenry, no nation can long remain free or generally prosperous,” he said.

The Second Solution that qualifies a leader in the coming turning point is becoming a voracious reader and an independent thinker. “Together wide and deep reading along with innovative thinking creates not only readers but the kind of readers who build freedom.” Oliver Demille said.

The third solution is to become tribal leaders or community leader “We need to build many new communities to bring back real freedom and prosperity to our society,” Demille said. Tribal leadership is leaders who build communities by setting the example of successful entrepreneurship, voracious reading and independent thinking and helping others do the same. Leaders of the future have to learn leadership by leading through involvement by business organization that trains leaders and encourage more community actions.   

Demille explained and left details in the concept of freedom through classic philosophies that go back to Aristotle, Plato, Montesquieu, Adam Smith and others.

I had the opportunity to meet Oliver Demille at the summer leadership convention last month. I read his previous books on leadership education. However 1913 is by far his best work. 1913 is foreworded by leadership guru Orrin Woodward, New York Times best selling co-author of Launching a Leadership Revolution, who described Oliver Demille’s book as ” masterpiece on freedom.”

I could not have said any better. I agree with Orrin Woodward that if you care about future of prosperity and freedom, you should read and apply this book.


Special thanks to Axel Jean-Francois for typing and editing.