Travel, or Just thinking about a getaway can yield surprising benefits, pleasure, and happiness. This is what Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology University professor, called “Anticipation” which is a valuable source of pleasure.” “You can do something pretty simple and feel fantastic,” she told Stephanie Rosenbloom in an interview for The New York times. Now mayContinue reading “THE ART OF ANTICIPATION & HAPPINESS”

Leadership & Happiness!

I just got back from Barnes & Noble. I scanned through 3 books: 1.- David Gibbins’ “Total War/ Destroy Cartage”, 2.- Dr. Henry Cloux & John Townsend’s “Boundaries”, and the last but not the least 3.- Gretchen Rubin’s “The happiness Project”. The more I read from this last book, the more I appreciate Life LeadershipContinue reading “Leadership & Happiness!”