Leçons de leadership du Chili

Le Chili, comme Haiti, fait face à l’après séisme . Je suis la réponse chilienne et j’ai appris quelques leçons que je veux bien patager.


Les Chiliens étaient prêts et avaient des informations sur le comportement à adopter en cas de tremblement de terre. Ce qui a considérablement réduit les dégats en pertes de vie humaine.

2.-Le chef de l’Etat s’est fait voir  

A 5:10 am , juste une heure de temps après le séisme, Michelle Bachelet s’est rendue au Bureau National Chilien des Désastres, pourrencontrer les autorités civiles et militaires. Un peu plus tard , elle survolait en hélicoptère les zones les plus affectées. Elle s’est rendue sur le terrain.

3.- L’Etat prend le contrôle

Elle assume l’autorité de l’Etat ordonne à l’armée de contller les quartiers et déclare l’Etat de Catstrophe.


RAPID ASSESSMENT SUMMARY – Petit Goave Aftershock (20 January, 2010)


 At 0603hours on 20 January 2010, the USGS reported a 6.1 magnitude earthquake at 9.9 km depth, 5.4 km west of Petit Goave [population 154,739]. (Note – the USGS later reported the aftershock as 5.9 magnitude at 10km depth.) In response to this event, the United Nations dispatched a MINUSTAH helicopter carrying a rapid assessment and response team of UNDAC, EU, USAR, and medical specialists. The team arrived in Petit Goave at approximately 1010h. By 1050hours the team had conducted a visual inspection of the city core and had confirmed with local authorities that Petit Goave had not experienced any significant new damage and that there were no reported injuries as a result of the aftershock.

 As indicated by the 16 January rapid assessment conducted by UNDAC, EU, and IOM, most residents of Petit Goave were already on the streets of the city and not in their dwellings at the time of this aftershock.

The team worked with local officials to identify seven (7) buildings that had collapsed as a result of the aftershock. UK I-SAR resources then searched these sites and found nobody entrapped. The UK team remained on location to conduct a methodical search of the remainder of the city.

As a part of its assessment, the team visited the local hospital and found that while doctors were present, the hospitals facilities were severely damaged and that there was a shortage of medical supplies. The team’s medical component, consisting of 15 medical professionals from Poland, established a clinic at the site and were to remain until 1500hours 21 January 2010.

 The team then completed a more in-depth humanitarian assessment of Petit Goave. This included discussion with the Mayor, Police Commissioner, NGO contacts, hospital administrator and local residents.  



Immediate Needs –


  • Water purification kits
  • Potable water
  • Shelter
  • Medical supplies and facilities
  • Food
  • Reinstatement of banking infrastructure (little cash in local economy)
  • Fuel


  • UK ISAR team searched the city centre and found no entrapped victims following the aftershock of 20 January.
  • Seven structures were reported collapsed as a result of the aftershock.
  • Local civil protection officials have begun to clear debris from collapse sites.
  • Certain buildings in the city centre are at risk of further collapse and could threaten surrounding structures.
  • A structural engineer from Swiss Humanitarian Aid has commenced a survey of key buildings.


Health –


  • The engineer from Swiss Humanitarian Aid made an initial assessment that the main hospital building was damaged beyond repair.
  • Seven Cuban doctors are working with five local doctors to operate a clinic in the hospital courtyard.
  • The hospital administrator reported that medical supplies were very low.
  • 50-60 patients are being treated per day.
  • The doctors are visiting local IDP camps in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease and because there is no space at the hospital compound. 
  • The departing USAR team will be leaving its medical supplies at the hospital due to the severe shortages observed.


Shelter –

  • The large local IDP camp previously located at the sports field (N18°25’55” by W072°51’41”) has been disbanded by local authorities and the field is now a landing zone for helicopters.
  • Other local IDP camps were observed and some residents are living in the street.
  • Camp conditions are primitive, with no sanitation, no potable water (river water only), and makeshift materials.
  • There are 36,296 households in Petit Goave (2008 UNFPA census)


Food –


  • Residents reported limited food supplies and a lack of cash access to purchase food.
  • The local Market was shut down and empty due to lack of stock.
  • Some food was available from street vendors and prices were reported as stable and at market value.
  • Fresh bread and vegetables were available from some vendors.



  • MINUSTAH is providing potable water from its camp. The hospital is using this water, but residents’ ability to do so is limited by a lack of water containers.
  • Water is available from a local river (not treated), but residents report it is not potable.
  • No sanitation arrangements were observed in the local IDP camps.
  • A large amount of refuse was observed in the streets.


Education –


  • A local teacher reported schools were closed.
  • Local IDP camps are located at some schools.
  • The city appears well served by school facilities – most of which appear undamaged.



  • Local and UN police are present and visible in the community.
  • There were no reports of lawlessness.
  • Local IDP camps lack secure perimeters.



  • Local officials report that heavy equipment is available, but a lack of fuel is limiting recovery efforts.
  • Existing resources are being well-managed by local officials.


Miscellaneous –


  • The mayor reported 1077 people dead as a result of the 12 January earthquake.
  • Electricity remains off.
  • The electric grid has sustained some damage (poles down).
  • Local officials state that the population is reluctant to return to their dwellings, due to fear of further aftershocks. This has been reinforced by today’s strong aftershock.



  • Local officials and NGOs have established a response coordination group and have identified current needs. The coordination committee can be contacted at simonbourdat@hotmail.fr.
  • Local civil protection and community networks are in place and appear to be functioning well, despite a shortage of resources.   
  • Local officials have managed corpses, although some victims are reported to be still under rubble (when accessed, these are being buried by local officials).
  • Swiss Humanitarian Aid is dispatching shelter kits (tent, mattress, kitchen kits, etc.) for 1000 people. Further supplies will be sent for 3000 people total.
  • A 15-person Polish medical team will remain in the community until 21 January.
  • Swiss Humanitarian Aid is setting up two large tents in the hospital compound.
  • Medicins Sans Frontiers and Medicins du Monde were on location at the hospital to provide supplies and support.
  • UK ISAR completed a reconnaissance operation for the entire urban area of Petit Goave – no live entrapments found.


January 20, 2010 (2000hours)

Just wake up!

It’s 3:45 am. I just woke up from a short sleep in the front of a car. I am at Roody’s house in Ave du Travail in Port-au-Price. The house stayed opened and every body is lying on the floor sleeping on the street.

It’s dark out there. Roody has an inverter and an internet connection  which make his place useful to me.

I had a good time talking with Roody and Azad, two old school  friends in Haiti.  They both survived the eartquake by a slight chance.

Rody told me that the roof of Ministry of Commerce where he works as a senior counsellor collapsed. He was very lucky to put himself under his desk and jumped out from the debris. 

Azad  was at a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 4:53 last Tuesday Jan. 12 when he  heard a terrible noise. “I don’t know what happened next”, he told me looking at the sky. I got out and the building collapsed on hundreds of colleagues. Some of them did not make it.

I heard on and on such stories for the last   5 days I’ve been in Port-au-Prince. Stories after stories prove me that each and evry one of us has our own path and events shape us differently.

I walk a lot in Port-au-Prince. As much as I can. Until I get too hungry because food is scarce and money is not a commodity. You can have money and can not find food to buy. I just sure I have water.

As I walk in the streets and talk with people and friends, I undertand that the very same way some buildings are destroyed, collapsed, cracked, while others survived and stayed strong ; people also have been destroyed, collapsed and cracked while others survived and stayed strong.

Service D’Information sur le Seisme en Haiti

Je relaie ces informations a partir d’un e-mail recu et signé de Alain Paret.
Chers amis et parents, nous collectons un maximum d’informations par zone et en fonction de leurs pertinence. Je tiens a preciser que nous essayons dans la mesure du possible de transmettre des informations qui sont confirmees par des parents proches ou des amis, nous nous excusons des erreurs qui pourraient se glisser dans ces listes, nous essairons de faire les correctifs necessaires au fur et a mesure. Merci de votre comprehession a tous. J’ai besoin d’aide de personne competente en developpement de site internet, de base de donne ou networking pour m’aider a mettre ces information en ligne. C’est urgent pour beaucoup de personnes de savoir comment vont les leurs. Je me trouve a Freres 21 en, la route en face de l’entree de l’Hopital de la Communaute Haitienne, nous avons l’acces internet (via Hughesnet et des ordinateurs qui pourrainet aussi etre utiliser. Merci de votre aide a tous.

1- Famille PARET Alain, Alexandre, Alyssa, Florence + Jacqueline et Philippe CALIXTE = 6 personnes – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
2- Famille ROLLE Frantz, Sagine, Victor Manuel, Gaetan + Famille ANGLADE Mickael (5) + Famille ANGLADE Claude (5) + Famille PAUYO (3) + Famille Aourashi (2) = 19 personnes – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
3- Famille BOULOS Simon – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
4- MAGLOIRE Rose Gertha (Founa), KLINGTON Sabie Katricia, SAINT-JEAN Joseph Frantz (Dodo) (3)
1- Famille ALVAREZ Nicole, Melissa ETHEART (2) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
2- Famille ROY Marie-Josee 37-12-3016, 34-01-4611, Mona BRUNO (2) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
3- Famille POLICARD Harry (1) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
4- Famille DEDELVA Isabelle (1) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
FRERES Apres Complexe Tannis Jumelle
1- Famille JN-BAPTISTE, Armelle, Roudy, Joelle (3) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
1- Famille CALIXTE Fabrice, Valerie, Liam (3) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
2- Famille VAVAL Gilbert, Nathalie, Joel-Olivier, Axel, Angelo + VAVAL Daniel (Père), Ketlaine, Françoise (7) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison en bonne etat
3- Famille POITEVIEN Robert, Claudika, Erica, Babou + BRISSON Joujou (5) – STATUS En bonne condition pas de blesse, maison endommagée.
1- Famille SALNAVE Bertrand – STATUS OK
2- Famille DESROCHES Rosny – STATUS OK
3- Famille DESROCHES Alexis – STATUS OK
4- Famile JN-BART Dominique et Patricia ROCOURT – STATUS OK
5- Famille ROCOURT André – STATUS OK
6- Famille ROCOURT Philippe – STATUS OK
1- Famille NICOLAS Carlo Nicolas – STATUS OK
2- Famille REIMERS Dominique – STATUS OK
3- Famille SALNAVE Hervé – STATUS OK
MC = Mort Confirmée, sous toute réserve d’informations fournies par parents ou amis proches
PD = Porté Disparu, sous toute réserve d’informations fournies par parents ou amis proches
SR = Secour Réussi, sous toute réserve d’informations fournies par parents ou amis proches

AUGUSTE Alix, Citibank (Ecrasement Citibank Delmas) MC
ANGLADE Georges et sa femme Statut inconnu pourait etre sous les decombres (Ecrasement Résidence Rack Baussan)
BALMIR, père de Régine BALMIR (Ecrasement Résidence Canapé-Vert) MC
BALMIR, grand-mère de Régine BALMIR (Ecrasement Résidence Canapé-Vert) MC
BALMIR, mère de Régine BALMIR SORTIE VIVANTE DE L’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES (Ecrasement Résidence Canapé-Vert) SR – Besoin urgent d’evacuation medicale
BARDET Sherley, Unibank SORTIE VIVANTE DE L’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) SR
BELIZAIRE Roland, mort de ses deux (2) fils MC
BLANCHET Guy et sa femme (Ecrasement Résidence Tecina) MC
BAUDIN Roland, fils du Minsitre des Finances MC

CHARLES Joubert, Nouvel Jenerasyon MC
CHARLES Lovely, Universite de Port-au-Prince 3e Etage (Ecrasement de l’etablissement) PD
CHAUVET Mickael et Jean-Max, Le Nouvelliste PD
Mme Youri CHEVRY Valerie FOURCAND Valerie et ses 2 enfants MC
DARTIGUE Robert (Rack Baussan) MC
DACOSTA X, Minustha MC
DELVA Garcia, Chanteur Mass Konpa, legerement blesse (Ecrasement Hotel Flamboyant) SR
Mme. DESINOR Clauvis MC


GAILLARD Micha (Ecrasement Ministere de la Justice)  MC
GARCIA Jocelyne Dominique, Femme de Marcus GARCIA Radio Energie FM (Ecrasement Résidence) MC
GUERRIER Michel, Dinasa (Ecrasement Immeuble Dinasa) PD
GUERRIER Ramon, Unibank Statut inconnu pourait etre sous les decombres (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) PD
GERVAIS Raissa, Fille de Lesly Gervais et de Farah Milfort (Ecrasement Résidence à Turgeau) MC
HAIG Gérald (Ecrasement Résidence) MC
HANABI Eddy, Chef de la Mission Civile de la Minustha MC


JACQUES Maitre, Ecole Canado Haitien MC
JEAN Wendy, Mère du Ministre Patrick DELATOUR MC
JIMMY YO (Nom d’artiste) Rappeur MC
JUSTE Ricky, SORTI VIVANT DE L’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES, femme statut inconnu (Ecrasement de son Studio) SR

KERBY Marie Laurence, Comme Il Faut (Ecrasement Caribbean Market) MC

LANDRIN Chantale + Père et Mère (Ecrasement Résidence des parents Turgeau) MC
LEGAGNEUR Christine, Unibank PHASE D’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) Besoin urgent de supports logistique
LEGROS Michel, Unibank SORTIE VIVANTE DE L’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) SR


MENARD Nancy, Unibank Statut inconnu pourait etre sous les decombres (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) PD
MIOT Serge Archeveque, Archeveche de P-au-P MC
MONPOINT Fred, Chef Securite Hotel Montana (Ecrasement Hotel Montana) MC

NEPTUNE X, fils de Jean-Claude et Dolores Neptune Statut inconnu pourait etre sous les decombres (Ecrasement de Résidence Rack Baussan)


PARDO-DENIS Kerline, Unibank SORTIE VIVANTE DE L’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) SR
PERPIGNAN Philippe, frère de Josee PERPIGNAN  (Ecrasement Résidence Tecina) MC
PETIT FRERE Maitre Serge (Ecrasement Residence)  MC


ROUZIER Magalie, Epouse de Pilou Rouzier (Ecrasement Caribbean Market) MC
ROUZIER Philippe, Consultant PNUD (Ecrasement de Résidence Rack Baussan) MC

SASSINE Nadine, Unibank PHASE D’EXTRACTION DES DECOMBRES (Ecrasement Immeuble Les Moulins d’Haiti – Departement Marketing Unibank) PD

Thimothée Maryse (Ecrasement Résidence à Pacot ou Turgeau) MC
Thimothée Aginette (Ecrasement Résidence à Pacot ou Turgeau) MC


VAUVENARGUE X, Père de Etienne VAUVENARGUE (Ecrasement Résidence)  MC



YOUNG CLIF (Nom d’artiste) Rappeur BC Barikad Crew MC